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About Me

Marsha Paisley is a certified Living on Live food Chef and Instructor. She is an organic gardener, bike enthusiast and adult educator. She received her Plant-based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell University in 2010.  She completed the Health Minister program at Hallelujah Acres in 2012.

She began her interest in health and nutrition at 15 when she realized sugar was an addictive substance. At that time (1960’s) very, very few other people shared this view. She went to Ball State University for her undergraduate degree and did her Master of Public Health degree at Loma Linda University.

In graduate school she realized that the common understanding of calcium and its role in osteoporosis seemed flawed. She saw evidence that showed that countries with plant-based diets, who did not generally use dairy products, had little or no osteoporosis. This issue has continued to be of interest to her for many years.

After graduate school she home schooled her 2 children for 17 years and worked as the Adult Education Director at St Luke’s on the Lake Episcopal Church  in Austin,Texas.

Her change to a high raw whole foods plant-based diet was a blessing.  Within less than 2 or 3 weeks she became free from joint and arthritis pain, rosacea, and found increased energy and focus. She has decided to unite her love for health and disease prevention, teaching adults and the whole foods plant-based diet.

Marsha lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband Gary and dog Bria Tortilla. Their children Lindsay and Ian,  live in Austin, Texas.