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What are the Differences Between Juicing and Blending ?

People always ask me “which should you get first, a juicer or a Vitamix type blender?”

That is actually a complex question. When someone is ill (or just has a bunch of health problems) you can get TONS of benefit from giving your body the maximum number of nutrients from fresh veggie juice. 1 cup of juice can hold the nutrient density of 1 pound of veggies. A person who would drink 2 or 3 8 oz cups of veggie juice would have an amazing transformation in nutrients.

But, as a person who made green smoothies before she started drinking juice every day, I would say a couple of important points.

1. Green smoothies made in a Vitamix are FAST FOOD. I mean you can dump a whole pineapple(peeled and cored) and 1/2 half of a 1 pound box of spinach and about a cup of water and some ice and BOOM!!!! you are done in 30 seconds (more or less). Then you rinse out the blender and you are good to go. I did this for many years every day before I started juicing. The cleanup time is NIL.

2. You will digest this smoothie and process the nutrients and fiber etc.

Making veggie juice and drinking it every day is a huge health booster. You don’t have to actually juice every day. Store your fresh juice in glass jars 8 oz (or larger). If you fill them almost to the top after you make your juice there won’t be a lot of air in the jar to oxidize the nutrients in your juice. Some bullet points about juice include:

1. Juice has nutrients in a more absorbable form.

2. Juicing gives you more nutrients from veggies and your body doesn’t have to go through the digestion process to get them as they are more readily available.

3. Juicers take more time to clean than blenders. People have to have a commitment to do what they need to do for their health. I have seen people who think it takes too long to juice, think nothing of getting in a car, driving through traffic, entering a store, buying fresh pressed juice from someone, standing in the cashier line and then making the drive home and then drinking their juice and they think they are smarter than your average bear.

I am including a link that has some really good points about this difference between juicing and blending. I think both are critical, but the quickness factor of green smoothies can win over someone pretty quickly.


There is a ton of info on both juicing and blending on the www.hacres.com website. One other quick point is that I am not really big on juicing fruits….I have the philosophy juice your veggies, eat your fruits.