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Making the Holidays Work for You….How You Can Enjoy The People, Places and Things That You Love, Without Being In a Food Induced Coma and Spending Your Time Doing What You Will Resolve to Never Do Again After January 1

As I observe my fellows in what will constitute the last 6 weeks of 2012 (give or take end of the world scenerios) I see masses of unhealthy food everywhere. I am really not trying to be an anti food Scrooge figure, but seriously. According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Disease Proof” website the average American will consume 50 cups of
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Blog Coming Back to Life

This past February, after only 4 blog postings, one of our children suffered a life changing medical emergency. It became my most important and critical priority and I was unable to post. I am going to get back to my blog and writing short articles on the health related topics that are so crucial for our time. My first post
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