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Food Wars: Then and Now

I grew up in the 60’s when Dr. Atkins fired the first warning shot in his “Diet Revolution”. The food wars were beginning. My mother was mortally wounded in that war. I remember her eating cream cheese and meat to the exclusion of plant foods. This was part of her losing and gaining of 100 pounds numerous times. I watched my father die of colon cancer. I realized something was really amiss with the SAD (Standard American Diet) plan that was being spun by the food industry and popular diet doctors of that day. Unfortunately, this food war has continued into our day with massive casualties.

Today things are even more complex. In the 60’s I would have never imagined “mouth feel chemicals” to give foods just the right addictive crispy crunch and that artificial flavors and colors would multiply a thousand fold. Also the size of portions has gone through the roof. No one ever dreamed that people would really drink 64 oz soft drinks. But now we have other problems on the horizon. We have gigantic animal containment facilities, an arsenal of chemicals used on and in food. We have genetically modified foods that are totally infiltrating our food system with no labels and hormones served along with antibiotics just for good measure.

But today we have some powerful defensive weapons. We can get true information about our food to millions of people through our Internet sites, forums, and all types of electronic media. I urge you to investigate the links on this site, plus a very helpful site for the True Food Network that is found at www.truefoodnow.org This food war is going on and is affecting your life whether you know it or not.

In the 60’s we had doctors wearing white lab coats in women’s magazine advertisements with such brilliant statements as ” More doctors recommend Camels than any other brand” It took 30 years for the collective conscience of the US to go beyond the ideology of the tobacco company advertisements. Could the same happen for understanding the truth about food. Lets hope so!