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Two Earth Shattering Statements

I hate controversy, I really hate it. I want all discourse to be polite and loving. If I had been able to pick my passion rationally, I would have picked mathematics. In mathematics (at least for the most part) facts are facts. There is no industry that stands to benefit if more plus signs are used. There is no one who wants to conceal what a multiplication sign will do to your problem. But, following my passion has taken me to a hot bed of controversy.

What is the optimal diet for human beings? It totally depends on who you ask. But,as I was listening to a lecture by Dr. Colin Campbell, the brilliant author of the book, ” The China Study.” He said 2 statements that were revolutionary. Such simple sentences, but they hold a world of meaning to nutrition. The two statements are:

1. Antioxidants and fiber are only found in plant-based foods.

2. Cholesterol is only available in animal-based foods.

I guess that pretty much sums it up.