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Greens are Gold

Today gold is trading today at $1745 an ounce and greens are trading at $.16 an ounce. In the world of financial investments, you may want some actual gold as an investment hedge over the paper that can lose a lot of value once the truth comes out about the ratings agency misrepresentations and corruption at the firm. In the same way greens are a shining star in the food world, which is filled with salty, sugary, fatty and nutrient free (in some cases) fluff. Something real in a world of phony imitations.

Greens are just part of the “real food” revolution. Taking a new look at a whole food plant- based diet can be a huge boost in your health portfolio. Some immediate dividends are lower body weight, more energy, prevention and eradication of chronic and degenerative disease, and a more youthful appearance.

If you want to recession proof your health portfolio a diet rich in greens, veggies, legumes, fruits, whole grains and a few nuts and seeds will build real wealth in your life that is tangible and visible.