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Two Earth Shattering Statements

I hate controversy, I really hate it. I want all discourse to be polite and loving. If I had been able to pick my passion rationally, I would have picked mathematics. In mathematics (at least for the most part) facts are facts. There is no industry that stands to benefit if more plus signs are used. There is no one
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US Health Care Costs Could Plummet with These Easy Steps

A friend commented to me one day, “I don’t think I could ever do all of the dietary things you do, whole food plant-based, no alcohol, no caffeine, no junk etc. But, I can see that you are doing something very right. How could I start? What are some simple things I could do, that could get me on the
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Greens are Gold

Today gold is trading today at $1745 an ounce and greens are trading at $.16 an ounce. In the world of financial investments, you may want some actual gold as an investment hedge over the paper that can lose a lot of value once the truth comes out about the ratings agency misrepresentations and corruption at the firm. In the
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